For over 20 years, Interface Masters Technologies has been providing off-the-shelf innovative networking solutions with customization services to OEMs, Fortune 100 and startup companies. Our headquarters is located in San Jose, California in the heart of Silicon Valley where we are proud to design and manufacture all our products.
Contrary to popular belief, a wide range of leading networking Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have chosen Interface Masters over Far Eastern suppliers and the factors they cite for doing so are consistently the same.

Shorter Lead Times

Speed to market is becoming more critical for innovative OEMs that seek to capture every competitive edge they can and at the same time they gain more agility in modifying the product design and production process to meet their changing needs. Having design and manufacturing engineering closer to networking OEM customers in Silicon Valley technology hub shortens lead times and facilitates a more collaborative working relationship with Interface Masters Technologies.

Offshore design and manufacturing, on the other hand, presents unique challenges that strain this new imperative and typically lacks skilled labor and the reliable supply chain required for agile technology- intensive networking solutions. Another important factor is the lack of the certified manufacturing processes needed to maintain necessary production levels.

Higher Quality and Consistency

With a proven track record as a supplier to leading tier-1 and startup networking OEMs, Interface Masters Technologies is committed to internationally quality standards and has always consistently exceeded our customers’ high expectations for product quality in the design and manufacture of networking solutions. In comparison, one major concern our OEM partners have faced when considering foreign suppliers has been inconsistent product quality.

Just-in-Time Inventory

By manufacturing in North America, Interface Masters Technologies can minimize or eliminate entirely unforeseen disruptions to the OEM supply chain, such as extreme weather, product abnormalities, port strikes, and customs issues or transportation disasters. As a result, OEMs can employ Just-In-Time inventory levels to decrease waste and improve efficiency.

Minimal Intellectual Property (IP) Risks

The U.S. is a world leader in innovation, and, as such, provides a secure environment for the sharing of intellectual property, with extremely infrequent patent and trademark infringement, and consistent enforcement under the law when compared to other markets. Design and manufacturing of networking products is heavily reliant upon new ideas, the intangible knowledge capital that fosters tomorrow’s products. The legal use of intellectual property is constantly under attack by individuals, corporate entities or governments who ignore IP laws and standards. In the absence of worldwide standards for IP protection, companies must make use of patents, trademarks and copyrights, but even with those protections in place, they are still at risk.

Our OEM partners believe that protecting IP abroad and finding remediation can be a costly undertaking, with patent enforcement and injunctive relief slow or lacking, potentially falling short of a fair solution. More troubling are instances of infringement and outright theft of IP of a sensitive nature, potentially exposing the holder to legal or non-compliance risks.

Rising Shipping Costs

The strengthening Chinese yuan, the weakened U.S. dollar, coupled with rising fuel and freight container costs, cuts into profits of OEMs when sourcing products around the globe. Volatile energy costs contribute to extreme cost disparities in shipping from Asia compared to within North America where energy costs have dropped.

In summary, in our experience, the power of the “Made in USA” image for Interface Masters solutions strongly appeals to our OEM partners and to their end-customers who place high value on products produced domestically.

Interface Masters Technologies has for over 20 years been providing off-the-shelf innovative network security solutions with customization services to OEMs, Fortune 100 and startup companies. Our headquarters is located in San Jose, California in the heart of Silicon Valley where we are proud to design and manufacture all of our products. Based on MIPS, ARM, PowerPC and x86 processors, Interface Masters appliance models enable OEMs to significantly reduce time-to-market with reliable, pre-tested and pre-integrated networking solutions that can meet the most challenging security requirements.

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